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Analytics for the world's biggest esport.

Win Projections

Built with machine learning and thousands of professional League of Legends matches, TrackLoL projects live win probabilities for every match starting with our proprietary team rating - TrackLoL Team Rating (TTR). Once the draft begins, we feed each pick and ban into the system, developing the projection further until the match begins. Once the match begins, we take each kill, each tower destroyed, each drake slain into account and project the winner every step of the way.

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Fan Predictions

At TrackLoL, we let the fans get in on the action as well. Pick the winner of each game and gain points for each correct prediction. Unsure of who to pick? Don't worry! We give you all the data you need--matchups, head-to-head histories, player champion pools, team ratings, draft analysis, and more--to pick winners with confidence and climb the leaderboards.

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In-Depth Analytics

We put the Track in TrackLoL. We break down every professional match with our analytics and data. Who is the strongest team in the LEC? Which Jungler is dominating the LCK? Who is the breakout star of the LCS? TrackLoL has all of the answers you're looking for and so much more. Our writing team lives to dive into the data and uncover the why behind what happened in each big moment.

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