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Misfits, Vitality show up as LEC contenders after first 3 weeks of Summer

Misfits, Vitality show up as LEC contenders after first 3 weeks of Summer
Misfits and Vitality are both looking strong 3 weeks into the Summer Season.
By Jorge Pedraz
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As we get closer to the middle of the Summer Split one thing is clear, apart from the favorites on paper G2, Rogue, MAD Lions and Fnatic, both Misfits and Vitality have shown enough to be considered legit teams to put up a fight for the LEC Summer Split title.
Here’s how the standings look after 7 games played:
Misfits leads the LEC although they still have a tough schedule to close the first Round-Robin as they will face MAD Lions and G2 next weekend.
There are two clear things to highlight: one is the gap between the playoff teams (first six seeds) and the bottom four. The split is long and it’s far from being over, but it looks like the bottom four cannot afford to lose many more games if they don’t want to fall out of playoff contention.
The second thing is that the LEC looks tighter than ever. If the playoffs were today, we should not really be surprised if any of the top 6 teams won the trophy, which sets the scene for a thrilling Knockout Stage that will decide Europe’s 3 spots at Worlds 2021.
In this context, we will analyze Misfits’ and Vitality’s performances throughout the Split.


They currently lead the standings with an astonishing 6-1 record only falling to Rogue in a close map.
A lot of their success can be explained by the meta. In this new meta, a lot of types of champions can be played in any lane and we’ve switched from the top tank, Hecarim/Udyr in the jungle, a control mage in mid and Kai’Sa-Alistar/Xayah-Rell bot lanes, to a wide-open meta where assassins, AP junglers, Viego/Gwen, or Ezreal have shown up.

You can read a full review on Viego’s debut here.

This wide-open meta is definitely something Misfits’ top laner HiRit has taken advantage of. He has switched from the Sion and Gragas in Spring to excel on Gwen, Renekton, and Lee Sin. He’s arguably the best player of the Split so far after improving every single stat from the Spring Split:
*All data is given in a % number and standardized per minute played, comparing each stat with the average value of all LEC players in the same position, where 50.00% is the average and any percentage over 55% has a high significance.
Another player that has stepped up compared to the Spring Split is Vetheo, especially shining on Akali, Sylas, and Lee Sin. He leads the League in KDA and he has been unkilled in 4 out of 7 games.
Both HiRit and Vetheo are enabled by Razork. The Spanish jungler has been on point on Rumble and Lee Sin, securing early game advantages for his team so they can later show their team fighting prowess.
Misfits’ playstyle focuses on playing around the top lane and then translating that top lane pressure to the rest of the lanes.
HiRit, Vetheo, and Razork, along with the veteran marksman Kobbe, compose a roster with 4 potential carries, and that leaves Vander the engage/damage soaker role, which he has successfully fulfilled on Alistar, Leona, and Braum.
From Week 2, they have always first picked Gwen or Rumble, securing a source of AP damage for a carry with plenty of OP options left for the rest of the team.
Having already 6 wins in their pocket, Misfits will secure a playoff spot just by defeating the bottom 4 teams in the second Round-Robin. However, after beating Fnatic, dominating against Vitality and being really close to winning against Rogue, the expectations are high.
As of today, Misfits are one of the best teams of the LEC and this weekend they will get to show their strengths against MAD Lions and G2.


As we analyzed in our LEC preview, Vitality signed 3 new players for the Summer Split, turning the team upside down.
The biggest change came with the new mid-jungle duo. From Skeanz and Milica to acquiring one of the best junglers in the League in Selfmade plus the addition of Lider, an aggressive mid laner able to carry and play a major role in the shotcalling.
Selfmade doesn’t need to be the main damage dealer in a team where everyone can carry. Still, his numbers are significantly up from the Spring Split:
The rookie SLT has been solid on the top lane and the bot lane formed by Crownshot and Labrov is establishing itself as one of the best in the LEC. Crownshot combines a 16/0/16 KDA in his last three games on Varus and Aphelios.
All these roster changes are paying dividends. Vitality has just beaten G2 and MAD Lions this past weekend in dominating fashion and now they will face two of the bottom 4 teams.
Vitality’s playstyle has basically been all-or-nothing. They are proactive and aggressive from minute 1 and that granted them a 28-minute win over G2 that finished the game with just a single kill, but Vitality was also stomped by Misfits in 32 minutes where they were always down in gold.
They have not been afraid of going for some of their signature picks as we’ve seen Lider on Yone or Selfmade on Evelynn.
With only 7 official games together, Vitality’s Summer Split looks quite exciting, and they are definitely a fun team to watch.


Misfits and Vitality are now contenders to upset the favorite teams and grant themselves a ticket to Worlds.
If the Playoffs were to start today, we would probably watch one of the closest fights for the LEC title with 6 teams pretty much even.
However, the LEC Regular Season is far from over, the new patch 11.13 can turn everything upside down with 2 new items and a huge mobility reduction.
The adaptation to the new meta and the mental game always play a key role during the Knockout Stage but without a doubt, we have 2 new contenders in the LEC.

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