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G2's on a losing streak; what could break it?

G2's on a losing streak; what could break it?
G2 Esports will need to put a stop to their slide in the standings. Photo courtesy of Riot Games.
By Jorge Pedraz
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Vitality, Fnatic, Excel and Misfits Gaming have defeated G2 in consecutive games and they currently stand tied for the 5th position along with another 4 teams having a 4-5 record after the first half of the Summer Season.
As we mentioned in our LEC preview, G2 are on paper one of the best rosters in Europe and the most experienced to represent the LEC at Worlds. They have already missed the MSI, will they also miss the biggest event in 2021?


After acquiring Rekkles in the last offseason, it looked like G2 would easily dominate the LEC and set their main goals on international competitions. However, this is a long way from being a reality.
The Spring Split Regular Season was strong, finishing first with a 14-4 record, but the Playoffs were a different thing. G2 fell to MAD Lions and Rogue in Winners’ and Losers’ Bracket semifinals, respectively, as both rivals were able to better adapt to the new teamfight-oriented meta.
Last May, G2 added Nelson, former LNG Esports Assistant Coach, as their new Strategic Coach to help improve the team in-game decisions.
The Summer Split got off to a good start with a 4-1 record including wins against MAD Lions or Rogue, but after a 4-game losing streak, all the alarms have been activated.

Losing streak

G2 has suffered two consecutive 0-2 weekends with losses in games in which they were always behind in the gold lead but also in the ones where they were in control. G2 were ahead in the early game against Fnatic sitting on a comfortable 2300 gold lead at minute 15. However, the game was lost because of a strong diving comp from Fnatic with all 5 members together and staying alive thanks to Hylissang on Taric.
This ace at minute 16 helped Fnatic even the game:
Later on, the ‘Cosmic Radiance’ in the Baron play was the nail in the coffin:
Last Saturday against Misfits we witnessed one of the biggest comebacks of the Split. G2 with a mountain soul, two Barons, and a 10K gold lead was sieging the enemies’ base:
With 15 seconds left before Elder Dragon spawned, three G2 members decided to base giving Misfits a small window to get the drake. The Elder went down quickly for Misfits and the miscommunication from G2 did the rest as some players were retreating and others tried to fight split from the rest of the team. The game went from won to thrown in less than a minute:
In the other two games G2 has been dominated from start to finish thanks to jungle-mid proactivity that helped Vitality’s jungler, Selfmade, get ahead of Jankos and Excel’s midlaner, Nukeduck, get ahead of Caps and snowball the game.
At minute 15 against Vitality, Jankos on Olaf was 0/2/0 versus a 2/0/1 Lee Sin in the hands of Selfmade and against Excel at minute 15 Caps on Sylas was 1/4/0 thanks to Nukeduck and Markoon perma-diving mid and combining for a 5/1/4 KDA at 15.
Caps is arguably one of the best players of the history of the LEC and he has been consistently on top of the mid laners in Europe.
However, his performance in this Summer Split should be put in the spotlight when analyzing G2.

Caps and Wunder

It is shocking to find a player of his caliber at the bottom of the table among mid laners in KDA, Damage/min or Creeps/min.
If we compare his performance in Summer and Spring the difference is massive. Only his in-lane stats (CS difference at 15 and Gold difference at 15) remain above the average for a mid laner:
Caps’ performance has gone down significantly so far, but he is more than capable of turning around the situation. We hope we can see Caps at his best in the second half of the Split for the good of the LEC.
However, Caps is not the only G2 player whose numbers have gone down compared to Spring. Wunder is another example, only improving his KDA at 15 and his damage share, which can be partially explained by Caps’ lower damage ratio:


It seems like everything that could go wrong for G2 went wrong and even after playing one of the best games of the Split against Misfits it went upside down in a matter of seconds leaving G2 players with these faces:
G2 are showing signs of not being on the same page together with some underperformances from what we are used to.
In any case, there’s plenty of room to bounce back with 9 games left to play in the Regular Season and try to secure a spot at Worlds in the LEC Playoffs . The first step will be Astralis on Friday followed by a banger against Rogue on Saturday that will be key for G2’s possible comeback.

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