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G2 stomps Rogue as the LEC returns to the stage

G2 stomps Rogue as the LEC returns to the stage
G2 returned to the LEC stage with a win over Rogue. Photo courtesy of Riot Games.
By Jorge Pedraz
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After more than a year, and with the only exception of the Spring Playoffs, the LEC players are back on stage for 3 out of the 5 games every matchday. One of the best games that we can see in Europe, G2 vs. Rogue, was finally played offline.
Following a 4-game losing streak, G2 bounced back and completed a 2-0 week closing the weekend with a dominant win against Rogue.
Rogue has never beaten G2 in the LEC Regular Season and this Saturday was not an exception. G2 controlled every aspect of the game to remain unbeatable in the Bo1’s against Rogue with a 12-0 record.
A clean game by G2 that we will analyze lane by lane. Let’s get started:

The Draft

G2 drafted two priority (prio) lanes with Renekton top and Lucian mid but giving up one of Hans sama’s signature picks in Kalista that along with Nautilus should give Rogue the early bot lane prior.
G2 counted on Jankos on Diana as the only source of magical damage, a risky move if he fell behind Inspired on Viego, which fortunately for them did not happen.
We are not used to seeing Rogue give up 2 out of 3 prio lanes in the draft but Larssen has shifted from lane bullies like Lucian or Jayce to control mages like Orianna from patch 11.13 sacrificing part of the laning phase in favor of better scaling.
Rogue’s plan could round into a full armor composition trying to keep Diana behind and maybe build on Mundo one of the new items, ‘Anathema’s Chains’ using it on Diana to tank as much damage as possible in team fights where they had a clear advantage over G2: the engage.
We could see some armor in the making but a 27-minute game and a 2/0/9 Diana clearly did not help Rogue:
G2’s plan was quite different. With a double AD threat in Lucian and Tristana, a bruiser in Renekton, and Diana’s burst AP damage, being ahead from the early stage and snowball the game was their goal. And it did happen mainly thanks to Jankos.

Jungle: Jankos (Diana) vs. Inspired (Viego)

Jankos managed to be literally everywhere on the map in the early game. Helping the bot lane to avoid Kalista’s early game threat was key, but a good level 1 play from Rogue left Caps on Lucian without flash and with one less Corrupting Potion from the very beginning.
That forced Jankos to invest some resources in the mid lane to secure the pressure that a pick like Lucian should always provide.
Jankos would not hesitate to sacrifice some of his camps to help his laners. He would skip the Gromp in the first clear to gank mid, then move to the bot lane to control the vision and help them push one more wave, and after another mid gank to help Caps push the wave, he will commit to a fight in the bot river that would put Rekkles ahead after a kill on Inspired:
That kill would help Jankos catch up on farm and secure his first back at minute 6:20. With the bot lane ahead and the mid push secured, it was time for the top lane. Jankos and Wunder would commit to a 2v2 fight that looked unfavorable at first:
Caps’ teleport was interrupted by a ‘Shockwave’ but the TP threat was enough to make Odoamne back and the trade ended in a 1x0 for G2 with Wunder on Renekton securing the kill:
In 11 minutes, Jankos managed to get his three laners ahead after a clean early game and he clearly took the lead in every single stat over Inspired in this game:

Bot Lane: Rekkles (Tristana)/Mikyx (Braum) vs. Hans sama (Kalista)/Trymbi (Nautilus)

The other big difference in the game apart from the jungle matchup was, without any doubt, the bot lane.
Kalista is an AD carry that usually needs resources from his team since it’s crucial for her to be ahead in the early game and snowball her lead to become unstoppable.
Hans sama and Trymbi, arguably one of the best botlanes of the LEC along with Upset/Hylissang and Rekkles/Mikyx, did not hesitate to aggressively trade at level one and with a 12-4 CS lead in favor of Kalista, they went for a level 2 dive to try to make Rekkles lose as much gold and experience as possible:
The play did not go exactly the way Rogue wanted as Rekkles secured one of the kills and could quickly catch up on farm when he went back to lane.
The botlane matchup completely fell into G2’s side after this beautiful play from Mikyx when he flashes and auto attacks Kalista and Tristana’s autos help Braum’s passive stack to stun Kalista and get the kill. Trymbi would also fall with the help of Jankos:
With Tristana ahead and thanks to her better scaling, there was nothing Rogue could do to stop her.
Rekkles got his kill number 2,000 in the LEC along with two solo kills on Hans sama:
And Larssen:
G2 clearly dominated the bot lane matchup with Rekkles being unleashed in the mid-late game:
Braum’s pick also was more useful into Rogue’s composition:

Top Lane: Wunder (Renekton) vs. Odoamne (Dr. Mundo)

After playing Dr. Mundo in the previous two games, it was time for Wunder to face the recently reworked ‘doctor’ in the top lane.
With Renekton, he is supposed to have the upper hand in the early game, but he quickly jumped to a huge 20 CS lead over Mundo before minute 15. His wave management, favorable trades, and lane assignment in the late game where he was often paired with an Orianna that did not mean much of a threat for the crocodile helped him dominate all the stats except for the damage dealt to champions:

Mid Lane: Caps (Lucian) vs. Larssen (Orianna)

We are used to permanently seeing Caps in the top of the mid lane performers, but this Summer Split was completely different for the Danish.
Even on champions like Sylas that looked scary on his hands, Caps has been unable to be that side lane and teamfight threat for the opposite team.
Now, we are in the process of viewing the start of this Split just as a bump in the road. Caps now is completely bald and in-game he’s starting to look in shape. His last two performances on Gwen and Lucian were some of the best of this Summer and against Rogue, he managed to overcome a tough level 1 where he lost his flash and completed a good game pressuring the side lane and getting some kills and assists with Lucian’s ‘Cullings’:
Caps, as well as G2, look back in form just in time for the last part of the Split and ahead of the most important phase of the season with the LEC Summer Playoffs and Worlds.
Follow all the action with us as Rogue will face Schalke 04 and G2 will try to even the series against Vitality this Friday.

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