Support & Frequently Asked Questions


How many games is the data based on?

We've processed thousands of professional games to determine our team and player ratings. Our models are continually updated and improved to ensure that we're delivering the highest quality metrics and statistics.

What is TrackLoL's Team Rating (TTR)?

TTR is a metric we've developed that seeks to determine who the strongest teams in each region are. A lot of different data points are used in calculating TTR, but primarily, ratings are built upon how well a team performs relative to an average team in their region. Looking at all statistics that contribute to a team winning a game, a team that performs well above average in these statistics will have a higher TTR than a team that performs at or below average.

What is TrackLoL's Player Rating (TPR)?

TPR is still in progress! We really want to get this one right, so we're taking a little extra time polishing our model, but it will work similarly to our team ratings. TPR is based on numerous player data points, but primarily, ratings are built upon how well a player performs in their role relative to an average player in their role. A player that performs well above average in statistics that our model believes contributes to wins will have a higher TPR than a player who performs at or below average.

I have a feature suggestion.

We’d love to hear from you! Please contact us on Twitter @Track_LoL.


What is a turnabout?

A turnabout is a simple way of saying you changed your mind. If you picked Team Liquid to beat Cloud 9 and then changed your mind and switched your pick to Cloud 9, that counts as one turnabout and we give you one for free! If you change your mind again, you'll incur a small points penalty, so choose wisely!

How are the points calculated?

The points awarded for picking either team are calculated on-the-fly by our win predictions algorithm. A team with a higher chance of winner will award fewer points just like a team with a lower chance of winning will award more points.

When does the leaderboard reset?

The leaderboard resets every Tuesday at 12:00 UTC.
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